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Flea Market

We would like to welcome you to another one of Rivals amazing attributes, this time it is the amazing and entertaining Slot game Flea Market! This is a slot game with 3 reels and it is based on the old and classic version of the slots. It is easy to enjoy and we are more than sure that you will love it just as much as we do. With every spin you make you have the possibility to win the jackpot prize, you will be astounded as you hear of the grand jackpot in just a moment!

The design and the graphics of Flea Market is amazing and of course perfectly fitting to the theme of the game. This is what Rival do best, matching it all up to a perfect summary of the perfect game. Above the reels you can see a small stand with two gentlemen, or beetles to be exact, discussing the prize of the item. This is of course a common thing in a flea market, you come to negotiate prices, make a bargain and you of course should do what you can to make sure you get the bargain you want! Just like in your game-play. As you might hear from the title of the game, the theme is a market, a flea market to be exact. Have you ever just walked around a market with all its old and antique things, its special smell, the many people gathering, the candy stands and all the other stand with its marvellous second hand gadgets. Maybe you have never been to a flea market? Well, that does not really matter, you will love this slot game just as much!

Flea Market is a slot machine offering you three reels and 1 line with the possibility to bet up to 2 coins. Do not let the number of reels and lines fool you though, this is one of the most astounding games made by Rival! The jackpot of Flea Market goes all the way up to 10.000 coins! This is one of the highest jackpots in all the Rival games! How amazing is that!? By a simple spin you can earn more than you might ever have before.

Symbols which you may see in the reels are among others the most common items you can find in a flea market, these such as the Candy Cain, lollypop, an old dresser and the ancient diamond ring! Other symbols you may come across are the classical slot machine symbols like the BAR´s in all its colours and sizes.

T The ring symbols are the Wilds and getting three of these in a line on the reels can pay you up to 10.000 coins, or if you are playing the highest bet possible you can win up to 50.000 coins! This makes Flea Market possibly one of the best slot machines out there. But you also have a Wild x2 and x4 multiplier, this can really boost up your winnings even higher!