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Flame Busters

Are you ready to step back to 1986 – where console games and big pixel graphics were the way of the games? This is a game you can truly enjoy – with a walk down memory lane that comes with it. This retro Video Slot will leave you in awe with the unique gameplay, fun experience, and rewarding extras. We will tell you all about them shortly! 

We proudly present; Flame Busters Video Slot – a game brought to you by Thunderkick! 

Thunderkick is a quite young company that develops slot games and a related gaming platform. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Thunderkick’s simple goal is to contribute to a change in the gaming industry by enhancing the overall user experience of an online casino. A team founds Thunderkick with years and years of experience in gaming and game development. All the game development and platform development is done in-house. Thunderkick is driven by a passion for developing amusing games and always strives to let quality come before quantity.

Thunderkick is defining its own style by creating the perfect balance in the games they produce: great graphics and excellent animations. They deliver quality games – the kind of games we as players would enjoy. Thunderkick creates video slots that are worth playing. They always deliver exactly what the market desires and what both the gambling operators and players need. They do this with a lot of passion. Their purpose is simple - to create one of the world’s greatest gaming experience.

Their games include Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak, Pink Elephants and The Falcon Huntress

Flame Busters main game

Starting Flame Busters, will immediately display the retro, pixeled design offered. The second you do, you will get to feel the vibe of the 80´s and all that came in games at that time. It is immensely entertaining right away, offering you a display of a house on fire – one that you have to save. The flames are coming out the windows and you need to choose the right hose to put it out and reveal the wins. 

The symbols you can come across while spinning the reels of the game are all made to suit the theme of the game flawlessly, all in pixeled designs. The lower valued symbols are of Mario resembling coins, these ranging in colours and letters, with everything from T to A – these are worth 1.50 and 2.00 when landing five of a kind. The higher valued symbols are then the blue, smoking goat, the green robot, the pirate, the wizard, and the fireman. These are then worth between 3.00 and 10.00 with the fireman as the top player of the game. 

But apart from these basic symbols, there are also a few extra special symbols to keep an extra lookout for while in the game. These are the fire balls, the fire alarm, and the “W” Symbol. These can all grant you awarding features with nice, big wins. We will tell you all about these shortly!

Flame Busters theme, graphics, and music

Flame Busters Video Slot is a game that takes you back in time, with a retro, arcade, and old Nintendo design and graphics of huge pixels and designs. When starting the game you will see just this, in the old type of style. But then when you start playing for real, you will quickly learn from the gameplay how it is the exact opposite with its innovatively thrilling features and bonuses.

The game takes you with the firefighters, Mr McFirey, Mr Flamesstopson, and Mr Fuego, on a call to save a burning building. It is multiple stories building, with flames coming out the windows, and characters trying to breathe through the smoke in the windows – even smoking for the fun of it. The reel set is of this house, and next to the reels stands these men trying to put the fire out with splashing water in. 

It is all in pixeled graphics and designs, and it is very alluring for game enthusiasts. Brilliant!

Flame Busters payout

Flame Buster is a Video Slot played with 5 reels and a staggering 243 ways-to-win – making it more innovative and modern. 

Flame Buster free spins

The fire alarm is the Scatter Symbol of the game, and landing three or more of these will trigger the Free Spins Feature. This is what you can be awarded;

  • 3 symbols trigger 10 Free Spins
  • 4 symbols trigger 15 Free Spins
  • 5 symbols trigger 20 Free Spins

In this feature, you can also collect extra Scatters to advance in the game – you will then be goin upwards in the building. For every three Scatters collected, a new floor will be unlocked and you are awarded 2 extra spins. 

Coin Ignition feature

For every floor unlocked, the lower valued coin will turn into the Fire Symbol for the remainder of the Bonus Game. Coins that has been turned into fire symbols cannot be a Fire Symbol replacement. 

Fire Drill feature

The Fire Drill Feature can be triggered in the main game, transforming 1 to 5 symbols of the low valued symbols into the Fire Symbols.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is the symbol of the “W” one, which can substitute for all symbols apart for the Scatter Symbol. 

Fire Symbol

The fire symbol that we have been mentioning, is a Mystery Symbol that can be replaced by another symbols type, except for the Wilds and Scatters. 

We hope that you will enjoy the game as much as we have!

Best of luck!