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Buster Hammer

The atmosphere is rising fast here in the steamy Circus tent at the Buster Hammer video slot. The spectators of this astounding spectacle are about to hold their breath while the strong-as-bull, hammer holding Buster marches on the estrade! Now it’s your time to take on the hammer challenge and win prizes in Buster Hammer!

The company behind the video slot is Chance Interactive, which is based in Sydney, Australia. This game studio was founded in 2014, and the most visible samples of its professionality are the company’s video slots, which are made from scratch, as well as the complex mathematics company provides. 

Buster Hammer Base game

Buster Hammer is situated inside this fancy Circus tent; huge stands majestically surround the five reels game has. The estrade of the Circus is filled with all kinds of typical Circus equipment, like balls, horn, and speakers stand. These are in fact part of the interface of the game. The reels of the game have been decorated with red velvet, and just left of them we’ll see Buster, who’s ready to hit the power meter as soon as the hammer symbol lands on the reels. Buster Hammer doesn’t have any traditional paylines, but 243 ways-to-win game system. 

As the basic symbols of the game, we have a familiar crew from circuses. Largest wins will be won with Buster symbol himself, whose smiling moustache face is shining on his namesake symbol. After this symbol, the next biggest wins will be awarded a seal, with an elephant, and with a lion. The game will deliver the smallest wins with deck symbols 9-A, which are decorated with Circus theme.

The game also includes a couple of special symbols, a wild symbol, and a bonus symbol. As the wild symbol we have of course Buster’s hammer, it will forge multipliers to those win combinations that included the Buster’s hammer. The bonus symbol of the game is a Circus tent; it will award the player Free Spins.

Buster Hammer theme, graphics, and music

Buster Hammer will grab the player for a fascinating ride in the circus world. Here in the video slot Buster hammer we have a good old school Circus present, you can almost smell the popcorn and cotton candy. Circus is a fairly fitting theme for a video slot, especially when executed this well. 

The graphics of Buster Hammer are excellent; especially its 3D-animations deserve a special mention. Not only are its symbols top class, but the whole game stands up for this level. Cartoon-like figures are bringing the game humour, and playfulness, especially the Buster with his moustache is about to make the player laugh from moment to moment. Audio of Buster Hammer is another thing that surely won’t disappoint even the most demanding players. There is no actual composition in the base game, but sounds are synchronized with the action of the game. When the bonus symbol lands on the reels, the crowd will murmur shortly. In the Free Spin mode, there is a nice rhythmic background music that will transfer you into a live Circus instantly. Always, when there is a large prize won, an agile music is guaranteed. All in all Buster Hammer is an excellent audio-visual experience.

Buster Hammer Payouts

In the video slot Buster Hammer, a stake is determined by coin value. Because there are no real paylines in the game, but 243 ways-to-win system, the player should keep in mind that the determined coin value is multiplied with twenty-five to give the spin a total bet. The basic game of Buster Hammer is quite active, and its reels will drop prizes in quite a nice flow, thanks to 243 ways-to-win. The theoretical return-to-player percent stays slightly under 96%, in around 95.8%.

The biggest wins Buster Hammer video slot delivers brought by Buster himself. If you land five Buster symbols on the reels, the bet will be returned with a multiplier of x160. It is also good to keep in mind that Super Seal function can award you with a multiplier of x75.

Buster Hammer Free spins

The crowd will murmur if even one Circus tent symbol lands on Buster Hammer video slot, and to be precise, on the left reel. This is when you should keep your eyes on the reels 1, 3 and 5, as the bonus symbol of the game can only appear on only these three reels. To trigger the Free Spins, the player has to land three bonus symbols on the reels. This will then result in three alternatives for the player to choose, where Free Spins and Buster’s hammer multiplier varies. In maximum, the player can achieve 8 Free Spins, and during these Free Spins, the hammer multiplier is x2. The middle option has 6 Free Spins, during which the hammer multiplier is x3. Last option is 4 Free Spins with a major hammer blow of x5 multiplier. 

Buster Hammer game features

In addition to Free Spins feature, Buster Hammer video slot also boasts an occasionally activating Super Seal feature. This feature will march a seal on to the reels, which will bounce the ball into the reels, revealing the prize. After this Buster himself will swing his hammer and reveal a multiplier to the prize delivered by the seal. Buster may bang the meter with his hammer more than once; the highest possible multiplier is staggering x75. 


The circus has arrived at the town! The Buster Hammer video slot will let players enjoy complex Circus entertainment with a spectacle like features. The crowd will be waiting in tension for three Circus symbols to land on the reels, activating Free Spins. The best thing is of course that you will choose how to play the Free Spins.

Chance Interactive is one of the newest game providers in the field, but when looking at Buster Hammer, it certainly doesn’t lack any skills its larger competitors are known for. Great animations and stylish features along with a great gameplay make this video slot a pleasant addition into our ever growing video slot catalogue here at

Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping out of town with the Circus as a kid? Now the chance has come to experience just that!