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The earth is inhibited by numerous creatures of all kinds. You can find extremely fast animals such as the cheetah, slow beings like the sloth, huge whales, dangerous sharks, colourful birds and many little bugs and arachnids. The latter ones are the beings that outnumber us all and therefore are the actual owners of this planet. There are all kinds of insects that live in the most extreme environments and come if the oddest shapes and forms. There are bugs that fly, bugs that live in trees, bugs in the desert and bugs in swamps and under water. Also, some of them eat plants, some of them help decompose of the dead and rotting leftovers of other beings. Especially for this insects are incredibly useful and are a vital part of decomposing processes in nature. Just imagine the fly and the maggots that help with that. The circle of life begins here anew as the maggots feeding on carrion become flies and hence feed birds and so on. 

We are happy to present you something far more pleasant than flies and their offspring, Buggy Bonus by Habanero. This slot leads you into the world of cute little insects and their habitat, the forest. Get ready for some bug action and huge wins!

Buggy Bonus Game Features

The slot itself offers you to combine symbols on a grid consisting of five reels and three rows. This way you have to get at least three symbols of the same kind in a row on one of the pay lines in order to receive a win according to the pay table. All wins only count from left to right and have to start on the far-left side of the slot. The more pay lines, the better your chances hence Habanero decided to give you a total of 25 lines you can use to combine symbols. 

On this slot you have the opportunity to to adjust your bet size in order to benefit from higher winnings and adjusting your tactics. The amount of lines is fixed but you can always modify the coin size and the bet level which in turn allows you to place bets between € 0.25 and € 125 with an RTP of 96.10%

Buggy Bonus Free Spins and bonuses

The wild bunch of bugs and bees is awaiting you in the forest and has some extras for you hidden in the green. One of these extras are the free spins which can easily be triggered by the scatter symbols. This symbol is the caterpillar and also pay out a win when you get at least three of them. This also activates the ten free rounds and in all their grace the little beasts have decided to let you retrigger the spins to win even more. Remember that you always play the free rounds with the same bet size you have started them with. 

Also, after every spin you have the chance to win the progressive jackpot of the developer which will then automatically be added to you wins. 

Buggy Bonus Payouts

Buggy Bonus is another game in which Habanero decided not to go for the card symbols and created another set of completely unique ones just for you. The pay-outs for these symbols a relatively high and promise a nice chunk of riches. The butterfly is the first symbol and in case of 5 in a row you get 100 coins. The green bug, the dragonfly as well as the snail come with 150 and the spider with 200 coins. 

The ant as a more organised insect brings you already 300 coins, the magnifying glass 350, the mantis 400 and the ladybug 500. 

Wild: The bugs also have chosen a wild which in this slot is the beehive. This symbol substitutes for all other symbols but the caterpillar. 

Buggy Bonus Graphics and Sound

The bugs chose to set the grid in the forest, their natural habitat. The symbols are designed accordingly, and the little fellows have huge eyes what makes them even cuter than some of then already are. The grid itself is framed by wood and you can see plants everywhere. The sounds and sound effects are ambient and make you feel like being in a calm and relaxed forest.

Buggy Bonus Conclusion

Buggy Bonus is a funny game with a load of cute little insects. These crawling companions don’t want to do you harm but instead they decided to grant you winnings and help you get rich. The high pay-out rates of the single symbols are very high and make this slot a very promising opportunity. Coupled with the free spins and the wilds you might soon be in for a treat.

Be part of the community and let the beetle buddies help you get rich!

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