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Boomerang Bonanza

Boomerang Bonanza introduction

Boomerang is an old throwing tool which was used as a weapon by the aborigines. To begin with, the boomerang was used at hunts as it was seen as the perfect tool for it. what makes this tool so special and good for occasions, is the fact that it has the ability to return to where the tool was originally thrown from, which is what makes it perfect for a hunt, as an example. The boomerang is usually made of wood or plastic and is experienced as, by most people, to be easy to aim with. For it to be able to return, it must be thrown off in just the right angle. 

In Boomerang Bonanza Video Slot, it is all about boomerangs, aborigines, and kangaroos. The game sets in the beautiful desert nature of Australia that is much more than just beige and sandy, but also green, beautiful growing forest in springtime. The game supplier behind this game is no other than Booming Games – and established company with ambitious goals. It constantly works hard on granting its players more and more editions, much like Boomerang Bonanza! 

Boomerang Bonanza features

As soon as you start Boomerang Bonanza Video Slot you are greeted by a sunny day out in the free. By closing your eyes and visualizing one can almost feel the warm sunbeams stinging against your skin. In the middle of the image you can see the games´ 4 reels, 4 rows and its 16 paylines. The first thing you need to do after starting the game is placing your bet. You can do this via the control panel underneath the reels, on the arrows under the text “Total Bet”. In the control panel you can also see how much you won as well as making your settings for autoplay if you wish to. 

Boomerang Bonanza free spins and bonuses

This game is one with a handful of features which are on the reels to increase your chances of winning. Majestic kangaroos skipping around on a field all while the sun sets slowly behind the horizon. These symbols are the Wilds, which means that they will be there to substitute for other symbols to then help creating other winning combinations. 

The Free Spins Feature of Boomerang Bonanza Video Slot is then triggered by three or more Scatter Symbols, of the colourful boomerangs, are shot in its positions. The number of spins you receive are counted to 10 and when the game is ended you will be awarded an immediate coin win as well. 

The yellow signs with the text “Bonus”, a special feature is triggered, one which comes with rotations on the reels. As two Bonus Symbols land on the reels, they are moved over one step and the special symbol acts as a Wild until that as a new win is generated. 

Boomerang Bonanza payouts

As we mentioned previously, there are 16 paylines in the game that pays from left to right side of the reels. The amount that pays out depends solely on the value of the symbols you chose to lay. At least two or three matching symbols has to land on the reels for a winning combination to be formed. In the payout table you can see that the Wilds are the highest awarding symbols and after these comes the aborigines, the boomerang, and the Bonus Symbols. The classic card deck symbols (A, K, Q, and 10) in various colours grants the most modest payouts as they land in a winning combination. 

The game has an RTP of 96.12%. 

Boomerang Bonanza graphics and music

Boomerang Bonanza is a beautifully designed Video Slot which is completely dedicated to the landscape of Australia. The reels are made in cream white and are separated by only thin, red sticks. The letters are made colourful and has a pattern of polka dots over itself. Booming Games has made sure that the game is made flawlessly when it comes to both layout and the design of it. The animations are serene yet powerful, without disturbing your concentration while in the actual gameplay and spinning the reels. In the background we can see a yellow jeep which is parked in wild-grown grass terrain. Leave trees and red mountain chains close in the surroundings and above the horizon you can see the high-land with forest. 


If you are ready to make a visit to the high-lands of the stunning Australia where you have the chance to throw some boomerangs for Free Spins – then you are in the right place. Boomerang Bonanza also comes with a very special feature which makes sure that all symbols on the reels rotate and change positions for a better chance of winning. Once you have a good idea of the game in general, there is no other way to feel it than actually testing it. Welcome to, enjoy the views while relaxing to the beautiful gameplay that is ahead of you. Good luck!

About Booming Games

Booming Games is a game developer that was founded in 2014, and despite their short history, has managed to grow rapidly to achieve a lot of prestigious things already. The provider has offices in London, Isle of Man, Athens, and Manila, and their main focus is to deliver high-quality games for various great operators on the markets. 

The main goal of this game developer is to become one of the leading providers in the industry. It is a big goal to have, but there is no doubt seeing how they work, that they can achieve it. What Booming Games does in the European gaming markets, has already indicated that it has everything ready that a successful game provider needs. In the future, there are plans to focus on the rest of the markets – especially the Asian developers that are really starting to arise. 

As we mentioned shortly, Booming Games was founded in 2014. There is a team of skilled professionals who all have vast experience and visions of how to develop, sell, and market products. 

This game developer company originates from a shared dream of creative and critical thinkers, technically competent programmers and innovative entrepreneurs who all strived to create a successful and leading gaming company in the competitive industry. Their main focus is to provide its partners with solutions that increase their performance and, of course, creative and excellent gaming solutions for gamblers.