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Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is a video poker game played with a deck of 52 that are shuffled before each game. Bonus Poker pays you for the same hand combinations as any other video poker. But in Bonus Poker, you get higher payments for all four of a kind, and there is extra profit for quad Aces. Quads of deuces, threes and fours will pay you a higher profit than quads in denominations 5 - King. So if you count aces as the lowest card deck, you want to have the lowest possible quads. Remember that in the initial payment level, pair of jacks or higher, the aces count as the top pair.

In this video poker game at, you can choose to try to double your winnings by clicking the Double button. In the Bonus Poker doubling mode, simply click on one of the four cards on the right and hope that the card is higher than the card that is on the left. Then you will double your profit. You can continue to double your winnings as many times as you want. If you ask us at the doubling mode is what makes video poker so exciting. But remember that every time you take a chance on the double, you risk losing your profits. There are bold players here at that constantly go for the choice to double their original profit five times or more, no matter the size of the original profit. If you would manage to double your profits five times in a row, you get back 32 times the original profit, so it's a bit tempting to take the chance to double their profits several times.

Start the game by clicking the ‘Deal’ button, five cards will be dealt to you facing upwards. Select any card you want to hold by clicking on the desired card. The chosen card will be marked with ‘Held’. After the cards have been dealt and you’ve held the desired cards, you can click the ‘Draw’ button. The cards that you decided to hold will not be replaced by the new cards dealt after the ‘Draw’ button was clicked. If your hand is a winnings poker the win will get highlighted on the paytable on top of your screen. If you want to gamble your winnings you can choose to Double the wins in the doubling game which is displayed after a winning hand. Your object in the Double feature is to draw a card that has a bigger value than the Dealers card.  The doubling feature is finished when you draw a card with a lower value than the dealer’s card. You will return to the main game and lose in the doubling feature if you lose the hand and if you reach the doubling limit. Take a look at the paytable as it displays the winning hands values.

This video poker game's maximum profit is 4000 coins and you win when you bet the maximum bet five coins and hit a Royal Flush.