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Welcome to one of the most legendary card games ever, Blackjack! The basic principle of Blackjack is that you will try to get a larger sum from the cards than the dealer. It must be as close to 21 as possible, but not over it. At the end of the round one of these options will happen: you got over 21, which means you will lose. The dealer went over 21, you will win automatically. Nobody got over 21 and you have a larger sum than the dealer, you will win. Nobody got over 21 and you have smaller sum than the dealer, you will lose. When the dealer and the player have the same value, the stake is returned to player. How are the points calculated? By the cards 2-9 having their nominal value, 10-Q-J-K having the value of 10, and Ace can have the value of either 1 or 11.

Now that we know the basics of the game, let’s look at how the game is played. First you will put a stake on the table, after this the dealer will deal two cards for you and for himself. Only the other card of the dealer’s two cards is showed to you. Now the game is started and you can either 1) hit, meaning take a card 2) stand, meaning no more cards 3) double down, double the stake and get one more card. Whatever the card is, you cannot have any more cards after doubling 4) split, meaning if you have two cards of the same value, you have the chance to start another hand. 

You can take cards as long as you want, when you are satisfied or don’t consider taking another card wise, you will stand, and the dealer will start taking cards for himself and the game will progress like this until the end.

The history of Blackjack is one of the greatest game histories ever, so I hope you will read about it. As Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games, its history goes all the way back to Spain of the 1400’s where similar games were played. Some say its true roots are from 1500’s Italy, but others state that only the 1700’s French game “Vingt en un” (meaning “twenty one”) is clearly the father of Blackjack. It is actually pretty hard to define when Blackjack was born. It has slowly evolved to what the game is today. The evolution has not stopped on the game and with the age of internet casinos, the pressure on the game is higher than ever. 

The first literal mention of the “21” is found on Miguel de Cervantes (the writer of “Don Quijoten”) novel “Rinconete y Cortadillo”. Novel tells a story about two Sevilla based small time criminals who are especially clever at the game “ventiuno”, again twenty one. It was written between 1601 and 1602.

The game found its way into America after the 1789 French revolution, which made many French escape to Northern America, which was at the time full of promises and freedoms. In the new world there wouldn’t be much gambling related legality or control. So the new game spread across the continent very fast, and was incorporated in the American culture.

The game changed its name to Blackjack in America, when Blackjack was to be a pair ace of spades plus jack of spades, for a special win. First referrals to casino house and fully lawful Blackjack are from 1820’s New Orleans. The city was at the time the centre of American French and French its main language. It was, like the whole of state of Louisiana, sold to United States as late as 1803. In the “official” gambling state of Nevada it was legalized officially only in 1931. The much controversial subject of card counting came to be an issue somewhere in the 1950’s. At the beginning this technique was only known for a small group of people, and that’s how the card counters wanted to keep it.

The year 1962 saw Edward O. Trop publish his “Beat the Dealer” book, which brought the counting of cards phenomenon in the ears of the big audience. What followed was a total blackjack boom, much like what poker went through with age of internet casino. From there on Blackjack has kept its popularity, especially in the New World. It is however very popular all around the world.

Videoslots wishes you the very best of luck with Blackjack!