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Discover a world of dangerous wash bucklers and a deep darkness buried far beneath the waves. This is the Barbary Coast - the playground of rootless pirates who will stop at nothing to get their hands on treasure, sultry maidens, and a parpar pillage and wonder. Join forces with the dashing captain Benjamin sawyer as he hunts adventure riches on the high seas. Of course a pirates life is not all sword fighting. Will you grab the golden jewels before the black beards band of scally wags. Come aboard on this explosive, exciting voyage to the Barbary Coast!

The theme of this game is set on a pirate’s ship cruising along the seven seas. This is a five reel, three row, and thirty paylines slot game. Apart from this astonishing design to this game with its crisp graphics, you will find symbols such as shot guns, compasses, golden coins,  maps, treasures, cannons, black beard men, the maiden, as well as the captain ben sawyer himself.

Three or more parrot symbols trigger the free spins feature and awards instant bonus credits! No other feature can be triggered during the free spins mode. Once you have triggered the free spins you will see the parrot coming out of its symbol box flying away on top of the “choose coin” area. Once the free spins end, the parrot will fly away out of the side of the video slot game, and you will continue the game. Receive the cannon symbol on the center reel to trigger the explosive wild reel feature! Wild reel holds over to the following spin too.  Here you will see the worker coming out of the side of the game and turn around the canon used for the max bet and ignite it towards the middle reel and shoots a cannon ball to make the reel wild whilst earning you some extra credits.

Three or more Ben Sawyer symbols on any position on any reel triggers the dashing sawyer click me feature! You will see Captain Benjamin sawyer hold on to a rope and swing from side to side turning his icons into “pick me” icons. When you choose one, he will swing by it and reveal the hidden extra credits.

After you have revealed all of the available “pick me” icons, all your winnings will be instantly added to your balance on the game. Three or more captain blackbeard symbols on any active payline triggers the fight bonus! Take on the mighty blackbeard in a sword fight to earn instant credits and rescue the beautiful maiden that has been taken away from you! You will be transported to a second screen where you have to choose your actions to fight against the blackbeards man and you are to choose three actions in any order you think that you’ll defeat him, from “parry”, “slash”, or “thrust” and then select the box “Fight” to start off the fight. You will then watch Ben and Blackbeard man fighting hopefully winning and rescuing the maiden due to your unyielding swordsmanship. 

Three or more worker symbols on any active payline triggers the Grog Challenge bonus round. Challenge the worker to a pirate drink off and prove your mighty drinking prowess! Here you will enter a second screen to compete with the worker in a drinking game. You’re to choose from heads or tails of the coin, and depending on who wins, the worker or you will have to drink, which earns you credits. Once you have reached the maximum on the barometer, the grog challenge will end and all the winnings will be instantly added to your main game balance.