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Art of the Heist

Art of the Heist introduction

The only thing this robber can think about are the treasures this art museum conceals. With only a few of these precious pieces of art, he could explode his bank account and live happily ever after. This museum is, however, heavily guarded by human guards but also lasers and even mummies. What will happen? Does the dream of this sneaky robber come true? This is something you can find out by spinning the reels of exciting, action-packed Art of the Heist video slot created by Playson. 

Playson has become increasingly popular in the video slot field within past years, many thanks to its amazing interactive video slots. Playson invests quite a lot in the graphics of the games, so players are always assured to have the best possible visual experience while playing Playson’s video slots. Even when the excitement creeps higher and higher by every spin, the player can still enjoy the stunning HD graphics. Art of the Heist is a perfect example of combining interactive gameplay to fantastic graphics, but there are also many other titles in their game selection you might like to try out Wild Hunter, Alice in Wonderslots, Aztec Empire, and Burlesque Queen are some examples.  

Art of the Heist Main Game

Art of the Heist video slot offers intriguing gameplay in the main game but also in the special features. There is 3 storeys high art museum as a game board. Each of the storeys is representing one row and reels are divided by different poles. Background of the game is garden surrounding the closed art museum. 

Besides collecting the wins, the player has one other quest while playing Art of the Heist video slot. This is to help Vincenzo the robber to get out from the art museum without getting caught. Red laser rays will tell you where Vincenzo is lurking and by landing certain symbols on that position you will get him further, closer to his getaway car. Alarm device will move Vincenzo 1-3 steps ahead, whereas mummy or guard will make his way more difficult. Landing mummy on the same position with escaping Vincenzo, throws the robber 2 steps back and the same thing with the guard will keep him frozen in the same room for 3 spins. Besides these symbols, there are also treasure chest with a diamond in it which will bring you free spins and painting which will trigger the secret art room bonus game. 

Even though you want to get Vincenzo out from the museum, you also want to get the prizes. And these you will get the traditional way, by landing symbols on the reels. Art of the Heist video slot is filled with symbols suited for the theme. The lowest payout symbols are the traditional card deck symbols J-A, the anti-theft alarm and the museum building itself. With mummy and the guard, you will be rewarded a bit bigger wins. Highest payout symbols are sculpture and a crown.  

Art of the Heist Theme, Graphics and Sound

Art of the Heist video slot shows you the dark alleys of the art world. It gives you a sneak peak in the life of art thief who has mastered one art form – Art of the Heist! Vincenzo is a greedy robber, but he isn’t stupid. He wants to get the best loot but doesn’t want to get caught. He likes all the possible treasures he could profit from, but the best of the best would be the painting of this mysterious woman. The excitement fills the air when Vincenzo tries to escape from the stretched hands of the mummy or hide from the light of guard’s torch.  

As in all Playson’s games, the graphics in Art of the Heist are very well executed, and they shine brightly throughout the game. The animations make you feel like you have jumped in the middle of an animated movie! And the soundtrack of the game gives you some extra that you will need to get the adventurous feeling that Art of the Heist can bring at its best!

Art of the Heist Payout

There are 21 fixed paylines on the reels of Art of the Heist video slot. This means that you can’t alter the bet by activating or deactivating paylines but you can just choose the desired bet from the selection of betting options. You can bet between €0,21-€63,00 per spin. 

Art of the Heist video slot is medium volatility slot so the risk doesn’t rise as high as it might do in some high volatility slots. However, there is still a lot of excitement to experience on the reels of Art of the Heist.

Art of the Heist Bonus Game

Art of the Heist video slot has the very interesting main game, but it also includes bonus game just to top up the excitement a notch. The bonus game is triggered when painting hits the same position where Vincenzo is hiding. In the bonus game the player gets 7 keys and with them, he tries to find a way to the main switch of the alarm in order to get it switched off. 2 extra keys are hiding in the rooms, but there are also guards who will take one key off. And of course, there are some treasures which will bring you nice cash prizes too. 

Art of the Heist Free Spins

In Art of the Heist video slot, you are collecting the free spins throughout the main game. Every time Vincenzo and the treasure chest are in the same position, you will get more free spins. All of these, plus 10 free spins which are played after Vincenzo has escaped from the art museum. 

Art of the Heist Features

Art of the Heist video slot is filled with features and bonuses. Even the main game has an exciting feature where you can follow Vincenzo's way out from the heavily guarded museum. Besides all these features there is not much room for anything else!

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Do you think you have what it takes to be the best art thief? Are you familiar with Art of the Heist? Find out on the reels of Art of the Heist video slot!