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All American

All American is a great video poker game very similar to five draw poker but this is not only a video poker game. You also have a progressive jackpot in this game which is a great contribution and makes this game so much more exciting to play.

This is an easy but yet very entertaining casino game where your goal is to get the best poker hand possible. You start off with 5 cards and once they are dealt to you it is up to you to decide which cards you want to keep and which cards you want to discard. You can choose to discard all 5 cards if you want and you can keep just as many as you want. If you hold on to just 2 cards you will be dealt 3 new cards and the result of this new hand is your final hand in this turn. So you have one round where you can exchange as many cards as you want and the new cards dealt to you are your final hand.

Before you start the game you have to set how many coins you want to play and how much you want to bet on each round. You can easily change this in the settings once the game is open. Once that is done you just click on deal and if you want to bet the max bet then you just click on max bet.

Then it is time to decide which cards you want to keep and which ones you don’t want to keep. Click on the card or click on the button hold under the cards that you want to keep. The rest of the cards will be discarded and new cards will be dealt to you and replace the places where the discarded cards were.

If your hand holds a pair or jacks or better you qualify for a win and in that sense this is similar to the game jacks or better. The better hand you have the more you will win, all according to the score board in the game, there you can see exactly what you win for each hand.

One really great feature in this game is that you can double your winnings in the double or nothing feature. When you win a hand you will be offered to play Double Up. If you chose not to play it you just click on cancel and the winnings from this hand will be added to your game balance. If you want to double up your money you just click on double. You will then be presented with 5 cards of which one is face up and is the dealers card. The rest are facing down and you have to pick a card that is higher than the dealers to double your money. If you pick a higher card than the dealers you can double again and again. This means that you can quite fast turn a win of 20 into 40 into 80 into 160.That is really a super feature in this game. And on top of that there is also a progressive jackpot in this game which you can win at any time. And since it is a progressive jackpot it keeps on growing until anyone wins it.