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Casino Technology

Casino Technology is a Bulgarian gaming supplier that has left many marks in history – becoming one of the biggest, most successful suppliers in the markets. We are just about to tell you how, why, and everything in-between. This is, the brilliant, Casino Technology!

The history of Casino Technology

The history of Casino Technology started in 1999 when it was established as the very first licensed gaming manufacturer in Bulgaria. They started out quickly, and soon after its start, the multigame products, Mega Jack, was launched. This came to be a best-seller and left a big mark in history with more releases and launches to come quickly. They gained offices and distributers in more than 15 countries and continued to deliver its vision of gaming experiences that could change how we see gaming as we know it. 

During the years, Casino Technology started cooperating with multiple operators and got licenses and approval to launch products all over the world, including Europe, The US, and South American to name a few. But the year of 2016 was a big year for this successful supplier.
During this year, Casino Technology reached a new level of online growth with the big release of more than 100 HTML5 games for mobile gaming, launched multiple big games and gambling systems, opening of new offices, and the upbringing of the so-called  ARCH™ slot machine, that came to be a winning product on many international casino floors. There is a lot to come in 2017 as well – especially with the COMBO™ that is said to be the new trend setters.

We can´t wait to see what they will bring to the table!

During the years, since 1999, Casino Technology has won a great deal over 30 awards for its work in the business, among others for Slot Manufacturer, Gold Medal for Industrial Design, Innovation, and the CEO/president of the company was in 2016 honoured the award for  Gambling Visionary of the Year of 2016! These merits are not bad at all – and surely, they are living up to their words, visions, and goals to set an example for their competitors. 

Casino Technology and The Big 5™ Suite

Casino Technology is a company offering a wide variety of games – a big part being a seamless multichannel gaming solution empowering a smooth transfer from land based games to online and mobile games. Casino Technology combines 5 systems - RHINO™, BUFFALO™, ELEPHANT™, LEOPARD™, and LION™. These are the so-called The Big 5™ Suite that all offers a full range of sophisticated tools for both traditional and online businesses which provide a complete online/offline infrastructure.

The suite can be used by operators together or separately, depending on the specific needs, market conditions, and regulatory requirements. 

Altogether, this set implies the highest efficiency in the operation of gaming content by providing any casino, both real and virtual, a complete range of instruments for seamless wallet, cash, and promotion management. This suit is created as a solution to fill the needs of any casino, erasing all boarders between land-based and online gaming.
The variety of games

Casino Technology is a gaming supplier offering players something for everyone, with over 500 titles released so far. The game types range from Bingo, Roulette, Branded Games, to land-based, online Slots, to mobile games. As a player, you can find anything you might crave – and you will surely be utterly pleased with what you will see. 
All games are creative, offering innovative themes, with well-executed graphics, and fun features. And we have a list for you to find your possible favourites. Currently, we offer over 50 games from Casino Technology at  

These are the Top 10 games from Casino Technology;

Treasure Kingdom

Mighty Rex
Pyramid of Gold

Jade Heaven 

Mystic Moon 

African Magic

Bavarian Forest 

Dancing Dragons
Wild Clover

African Magic

The Top 10´s and qualities

The Top 10 games mentioned above, are all flawless examples of what you can expect from Casino Technology and its portfolio of games. They all come with very different themes and creative designs and graphics. It goes from princes and princesses to dinosaurs, leprechauns, all the way to dark magic and Chinese dragons. It is a grand mix, and there is a lot more to see in the portfolio at 
Browsing through this will display all kinds of adventures, all ready to be embarked by you!

Casino Technology Conclusion

To sum Casino Technology up is fairly simple. It is easy to say that they are one of the favourites on the markets today. A lot thanks to the team that they have built up world-wide that makes sure that the games are fresh and modern, but also the wide range they offer along with graphics and layouts that make playing a whole lot easier on the eyes. Beautifully created games and professionalism is one of the keys behind Casino Technology and their fast track to the top of the industry. If you wish to know more about them, you can simply click here.