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Blueprint Gaming

A bright and shining game developer focusing on creating games that players will appreciate, making them come back for more time after time. This is what a real, successful provider will cause – and this is exactly what Blueprint brings to the table.


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Start & Development

Have you heard of Blueprint Gaming before? If you haven’t – then we will let you in on everything you want to know about them! Blueprint is a leading UK based gaming studio based in Newark, and the company is a part of Germany´s Gauselmann Group, one of Germany´s biggest gaming and gambling companies that later was acquired by the British Company named Praesepe. The goal at Blueprint is and has since the start been to create exciting slot games for the global online and mobile markets. Today, their products are available to be played on over 100.000 land-based gaming terminals across the entire UK, as well as in Italy and Germany.


Special Skills

ne of the most important things for Blueprint is the relationship and partnership they build up with the operators they partner up with to deliver products. They take big pride in the operators they get to work with and they do everything in their power to keep the communications smooth and easy to make the cooperation better than ever – and this will always be something Blueprint strives for. Blueprint creates and develops both original, in-house content, as well as third party brand – meaning branded games. The original content is all established from player favourites, the themes are created from themes that players all crave and want – in an effort to attract them and keep them in. Blueprint has done that great, providing players with immensely creative, popular, and entertaining set of themes and moods. The branded games they have created are all developed and created with the focus of familiarising players with the known brand that the game is inspired by. With their 50-year experience in the gaming business, they can never go wrong. From the start, they made their name in the arcades, pubs, and betting shops with an especially grand success in the United Kingdom. This is mainly where they have taken some of the branded games from, such as Worms, Viz, Casper, and Bejeweled 2. Worms was a cooperation between Team17, the creators of the famous game, and Blueprint. These cooperations are all made in extreme thoroughness and professionalism as Blueprint always strives to get the most of the theme – this to be able to attract players and prove themselves as a provider to keep a lookout for.

Our Final Verdict

Apart from creating innovative games – Blueprint also has some exclusive and unique slots that cannot be found anywhere else. An example of this is the Winstar Slot. The innovation is a special symbol in the game that turns into one of the regular symbols after it lands. They land stacked, and most often in multiple lines which in its turn creates several wins at once out of nowhere. They have also created non-gambling games such as the Peggle slot machine. Blueprint has focused much on making the games innovative with features that no other provider offers – and these are only two examples of this. The high wins in the Blueprint games are another reason to why they have risen to stardom so fast – with possibilities to win 15.000 or 20.000 coins for landing 5 symbols on a payline. Unlike other slots, these games can bring in the real high wins – like you never saw before. But no matter what type of games you prefer, Blueprint will have all you might be looking for. The games might look very simple and a bit plain at first glance – but immediately as you start playing the gameplay will prove to you just how entertaining the games actually are. You can find lower intensity games with fewer features, as well as branded, big games with outstandingly rewarding bonuses and features – so it is all up to what you as a player crave in games. After being part of Gauselmann, Blueprint has grown even more, steadily and fast. They used to concentrate on the UK markets, but Gauselmann has granted the company a bigger entrance to the international markets, and today they have a presence wherever you can find land-based and online casinos. Providing their games to the biggest operators in their markets, they have finally received the praise they so long have been deserving of. From graphics to themes, innovations, and the general gameplay of the games, Blueprint is one of the companies that has the most and might even best, tricks up their sleeves. The portfolio offered by Blueprint is immensely impressive, with the branded games, the feature games, and the innovative games. As a player, you can find all you might want in this portfolio of perfection. is very proud to work with this grand company – and to provide their games to our players.

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