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Bally Technologies

What today is known as Bally Technologies, was originally founded in 1968 as "Advanced Patent Technology", providing the global gaming industry with innovative games, table game products, systems, mobile - and iGaming solutions that drive revenue to Gaming operators. 

Bally Technologies is behind the so-called Take ‘n Play, an award-winning mobile gaming system that drives players from the physical machines to their hand-held tablet.

The fascinating story behind Bally 

This casino provider is based in Las Vegas, USA with its current CEO being Richard Haddrill. As a casino provider, Bally Technologies built its success by acquiring companies as Casino Marketplace, MindPlay and Advanced Casino Systems Corporation (ACSC). This made Bally Technologies increase their slot accounting market rapidly. 

In 1968 two entrepreneurs, Jack Solomon and Alvin Snapper founded Advanced Patent Technology. At the time they held patents in the different fields of medicine, optics and electronics. They spent a good 12 years building their products.

The shift to iGaming happened in 1979 when they acquired United Coin Machine Company, considered as one of the biggest slot route operators in Nevada. The entrepreneurs didn’t stop there. As innovators, they built a series of hotels in the Las Vegas areas and turned them into Casinos. 

A company which back in the early 1980s was told that it would not survive six months, today has an estimated revenue of $997 million. It is also one of the most esteemed gaming providers to B2C providers.  #
Bally’s history is ample, to say the least. It was bought in at different stages by different shareholders and companies. In 1985 the company made a merger with Omega Enterprises, a manufacturer of video slot machines through a subsidiary company called Cal Omega. It didn’t take much long until the company changed its name again, this time into United Gaming Inc, acknowledging United Coin as its principal asset. 

It was in 1989 that the United Game Inc decided to become a major casino operator and to do this they had to partner up with the developer of the Chaparral Casino to build and operate the property’s casino and dining facilities. Eventually, they pulled out of this project. 

By the early 1990’s United Gaming grew its operations in Louisana, as video poker had been legalised. It had over 600 machines at two race tracks at the New Orleans Fair Grounds and Jefferson Downs. 
In late 1994, United changed its name to Alliance Gaming Corporation and this was done to reflect the company’s revitalization and redefinition. This was also the time the company sought measures to apply its marketing strength in the equipment business. 

It was at this same time that Kirschbaum made contact with Bally Entertainment to seek a possible merger. Bally Entertainment was fully established in the slots business.  This brought the companies to agree on a deal of $166 million. 

By 1998 Bally Gaming and Systems became one single unit. A year on and they launched Thrillions, a wide-area progressive jackpot system. This was Bally’s strategy to focus on games to be installed on a revenue-participation bonus instead of being sold outright to casinos. Some of their initial games were Betty Boop and Blondie. 
This same time saw the introduction of the EVO VIDEO game platform and the EVO 3, which was created in partnership with Microsoft.

Joining online gaming

The beginning of the 2000´s was the era have Bally fully put their souls in gaming technology. Since then, they came up with a number of good results. All their work was eventually translated to the online casino, games which players can find even on

Platforms and series

Along these years Bally focused all its efforts to work on its software and game development and this has dramatically improved their portfolio of games, leading the company to release Hot Shot Progressives, a new series of video and reel machines. It didn’t take long for this to become Bally’s biggest best seller and the most successful product launch in the company’s history. 

Bally also introduced a good number of new gaming platforms including the V20 upright, the dual screen V20/20 video slot, the S9E reel-spinner and the CineVision wide-screen video gaming device. In these past years, more than 550 casinos worldwide utilise Bally systems products running on more than 400,000 slot machines. 

As Bally continued growing, they opened a new European sales/service hub in Amsterdam and they even operate two research and development centres in Chennai and Bangalore, India, employing around 1,000 people. 
Success made Bally with its acquisition of other companies like CoolSign as well as selling of other companies like Rainbow Casino.

Bally awards 

In 2008 Bally won an award for the “Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2008”.
Other Awards poured in in 2014, for the Slot Floor Technology as well as once gain winning the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products. 

Just two years ago Bally made an agreement to acquire Scientific Games, a maker of lottery and sports betting equipment for $3.3 billion. 

As trends changed along the years, so did the needs of Bally Technology. In recent years it focused its assets on the online gaming, the new era which is giving land-based slots a different face. In order to succeed in this sector, Bally acquired companies such as Casino Marketplace, MindPlay and Advanced Casino Systems Corporation (ACSC). 
All these acquisitions have enabled the Bally Systems division to increase its share in the expanding slot accounting market. These were not the only acquisitions done by Bally, but they were a good springboard to start off in this new venture.

Bally conclusion

Bally Technologies has gone through different roads in all these years, without ever losing its focus to succeed and always be on top of the game. The results which the company managed to achieve are remarkable, to say the least. Few are the companies who managed to survive considering the mere competition in the sector, however, Bally Technologies has done so wisely and with determination. Their games are a mixture of old style but not limited to that. They have come up with new concepts and new games, always keeping upbeat with the market. We’re sure that Bally Technologies will continue shining in the years to come.

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