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Aspect Gaming 

Aspect Gaming is a leading solutions provider operating for the merging of land-based, online, mobile and social casino gaming, with a strong focus on Asia. Aspect Gaming is independent and privately held with its main headquarters in Shanghai, China. Having their focus on the Asian market means that they understand that each market within Asia is entirely unique, which is why Aspect Gaming creates tailor-made products for every market that they choose to serve. 

Aspect Gaming was founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs Justin Nguyen and Tony Payne as they were on an expedition to enhance user’s virtual casino gaming experience. Since the start of it all, the company has grown to achieve a significant client and customer base, including top casinos! The end results of this are products which deliver a higher success rate to operators along with more entertainment to players. 

The Aspect Gaming team builds not only products and solutions but also apps that are defining the way users experience online to offline gaming and entertainment. Their entertainment games, solutions and products reach millions of users all over the globe in casinos, on their computers, tablets and even their smartphones. Additionally, their team has over 70 years of combined experience in global leadership, spanning across product development, marketing, operations, technology and venture capital. Luckily, their team brings together a unique blend of management experiences from companies like, eBay and Google to go along with their wealth of gaming, media and start-up experience. 

Games by Aspect Gaming offered on our casino 

We are ecstatic to bring Aspect Gaming games to you here at Videoslots! We are starting off by offering the following games at Videoslots: 

Zombie's Fortune 

Typhoon Cash 

Ba Xian Chuan Qi 

Doggone Lucky 

Love Story 

Dragon Gate 

Lucky Legend 

Lotus Lantern

5 Ghosts

The Aspect Gaming Mission 

Aspect Gaming’s mission is to create a virtual to reality gaming experience while providing a lure of thrill that comes with the excitement of winning. 

There are three core elements that help to make their mission a reality which are: 

  • Discover – discover a wide range of games that will create a sense of adrenaline rush
  • Experience – experience the real thrill of winning by chance
  • Virtual to Reality – Their games are designed to turn your virtual gaming experience into a reality

What Aspect Gaming does

Aspect Gaming create products and services such as electronic gaming systems, lottery systems and server-based systems. 

Electronic Gaming System 

Aspect Gaming’s technologically advanced video slots, e-tables and paytable card games are designed to take a user’s casino experience to a whole new level within the gaming industry. Their superior customisation with a wide assortment of denominations and currencies, several volatility math models as well as extensive RTP settings allow them to provide the best entertainment possible.  

Alongside all of this, their compelling themes and one-of-a-kind game play are specifically customised to markets throughout Asia while featuring the most up-to-date technology with stunning touch screens, innovative gameplay features and much more. 

Lottery Systems 

Aspect Gaming offer reliable and safe back-end purchasing systems to administer lotteries as well. Their innovative Web and wireless technologies can be positioned all over the world on POS terminals, VLTs, self-vending kiosks as well as mobile phones via SMS. This is truly a great competitive advantage in countries without a sophisticated land-based telecom infrastructure. This system is made up of software as well as hardware which is essential to remotely manage lottery gaming amongst an unlimited number of players. 

Server Based Systems 

Aspect Gaming’s server-based gaming offers operators the ease to download new content and themes directly to each game immediately, transforming the dynamics quickly and effortlessly. Due to the optimization tools provided by Aspect Gaming, it’s easier for operators to create gaming experiences that are entirely personalised to their players.

What sets Aspect Gaming apart in the industry 

There are several aspects and characteristics which set Aspect Gaming apart from the rest. First of all, in order to keep up with the swiftly evolving gaming industry, they have managed to come up with systems as well as software that helps to advance gaming experiences. As mentioned before, their games are personalised for each individual market they serve which allows easy access to their online as well as offline games at any time as well as from anywhere. The idea behind developing games that are tailor-made for each market they target results in thrilling games and captivating gaming experiences.  

It’s also worth mentioning that their products are GLI (Gaming Labs International) certified, adhering to standards of numerous jurisdictions and major regulators. Their innovative and popular slot machines are played by thousands in casinos throughout Asia such as the MGM Grand Macau, Galaxy Macau and much more. They have been partners with the MGM Grand since 2008 and have partnered with the Galaxy Macau in 2019. Due to these partnerships they now manufacture and provide their Electronic Gaming Machines for the casino floors at these popular, bustling casinos. 

Their innovative slot machines are installed not only in casinos in Macau but also in Cambodia, the Philippines and even in California! They have taken their real-world slot titles that are available in the leading casinos throughout Asia and adapted them for social play. This means that players have the chance to experience the thrill of real casino slot games anywhere and at any moment all for free in Grand Orient Casino which is available on Facebook, iOS and Android. 

Aspect Gaming Conclusion 

With a growing portfolio and an evolving, developing presence in the iGaming industry, Aspect Gaming is moving up in the world. We are excited and patiently waiting to see what’s in store for this provider as they continue to innovate and develop unique systems as well as tailor-made games to satisfy their specified target markets. 

You can check out Zombie’s Fortune, Typhoon Cash and Ba Xian Chuan Qi from Aspect Gaming at Videoslots! 

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