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2 By 2 Gaming 

It is time to get to know one of the most influential and professional game suppliers on the markets today. You will get to know more about the brilliant minds and matters of 2 By 2 Gaming.

What is 2 By 2 Gaming? 

2 By 2 Gaming is a game developing company that is based in Chicago and the areas surrounding it. Their main focus is, and always has been, to provide and develop Video Slots and cooperate professionally with their partners to deliver multiple channels for all operators. Altogether the company has around 125 years of experience in the iGaming industry, which makes the company one of the oldest and perhaps most knowledgeable.

Goals and focus 

2 By 2 Gaming concentrates and puts all focus into creating quality games with well-thought-out mathematics, this in order to attract all kinds of players to enjoy their games. The most important thing for the company is its players and does everything in its power to give them what they desire and want the most. What this does is make the players come back to play again and again, and constantly keeping a lookout for new games delivered. 

2 By 2 Gaming has joined cooperation with some of the biggest and best operators in the markets, and it is everything from land-based casinos, to real-money online gaming markets, and free to play social gaming markets. This is to make sure that their loyal players can play their games wherever they are, and whenever they want to.

The brilliant founders and the rise

But success usually comes with a great leader, the founder and CEO of 2 By 2 Gaming is a very successful man that has been a part of the uprising of WMS as the 4th employee ever. He helped the company expand big time, and he helped the company to grow to $800 million + in revenues and they then landed at the 2nd position in the entire gaming industry. He himself developed his own successful products and he even created a so-called Culture of innovation. 

His experience goes 22 years back in time and during these years he has done new product development, product and portfolio management and strategic planning. He has been an important key to bringing new innovations to the Gaming industry. He is the master brain behind popular games such as Jackpot Party, Life of Luxury, Powerball, and Monopoly among others.
It is pretty safe to say that this man has been an important part of why 2 By 2 Gaming has done so well, why their games are flawless, and why they have achieved success in such a short period of time.

2 by 2 Gaming portfolio

Above you have 10 shining examples of why you will love 2 By 2 Gaming and their games. They all offer different things, yet a lot of the same. What the games have in common is their high player value and the entertainment you get to experience while playing these games. You will immediately get stuck in the games hour after hour, I sure did. 

One of the perfect examples of the mentioned qualities above, is Jumpin’ Rabbits, the high valued game with razor-sharp graphics and layouts. The most impressive thing about this game must be the symbols offered in the game. You have flying rabbits, movements that look real, and a beautiful landscape layout from up above. Everything in this game is made to fit, the symbols match with the theme and the entire game has a clear red thread all the way through your gameplay. I can definitely tell you that this game is certainly worth your wild. 

Riches of the Sea is a perfect example of how the games vary in their themes and looks. Riches of the Sea is a video slot inspired by the world down under. The games take you under water for an adventure where you will see what the ocean is really hiding. The details of the game are unbelievably beautiful and clear and you most definitely will enjoy everything about the game. 
At the moment we offer 11 of the games that have been developed by 2 By 2 Gaming, all of these top 10 games mentioned above is certainly included among them.


Apart from the possibility to play the games online, you also have the games available in varies of apps. They are currently available on Facebook, iOS, Android, and Kindle, and shortly they will add more games to these apps. This is the Free to play Social Gaming that was mentioned above. 

2 By 2 Gaming has also used their knowledge and skills to convert the most popular land-based slot games for online play. But not only that, they have also converted table games, for instance, Roulette and Blackjack for online play too. A good thing about this is that they develop all games in Flash and HTML5, along with independent gaming platforms. 

Today they have certainly made a name for themselves as one of the most professional, experienced, and innovative developer of games of different kinds. They have their brand at more than 20 operators all around the world, and it will be most exciting to see them get even more. 

To sum up this brilliant casino, there is not much more to say than just that, brilliant. There is a lot of great providers out there today, but 2 By 2 Gaming is by far one of the most genuine and most reliable. What they bring to the table is something that no other company can, their unique themes, entertainment value, and the minds and matters that have been put behind it, just for the sake of satisfying and keeping their players happy as time goes by. And no one can say that they have failed anything, at any time. I would say that they have made their way to their own success story, and they have done an excellent job!

If you want to read more information about this provider, you can visit the website by clicking here.